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Salmon Gravlax Canapes Appetizers

How to Make Gravlax Salmon Canapés: A Delicious Nordic Delight

Welcome to our detailed recipe video on how to make exquisite Gravlax Salmon Canapés.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the history and details of Gravlax while providing step-by-step instructions for creating these delectable appetizers.

Whether you’re hosting a special occasion or simply craving something unique, these Canapés are sure to impress your guests and tantalize their taste buds.

Gravlax: A Nordic Tradition

Gravlax is a traditional Nordic dish originating from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

It involves curing salmon with a mixture of salt, sugar, dill, and other spices.

This curing process imparts a firm texture and a delightful balance of sweetness and saltiness to the salmon, making it perfect for Canapés and appetizers.

Making the Salmon Cure:

To begin, you’ll prepare the salmon cure by combining dill, coriander, rock salt, sugar, and caraway seeds. Feel free to adjust the quantities according to your preferred number of servings.

The video recipe will guide you through this process, showing you how to carefully skin and pin the salmon, removing any bones.

The salmon will then be cured and marinated overnight to enhance its colour and flavour.

Creating the Beetroot Pickle:

While the salmon cures, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare a delicious beetroot pickle to accompany the canapés.

The video provides the steps for blending the base ingredients, such as beetroot and red cabbage, to create a flavorful pickle.

Make sure to reserve some of the beetroot pickles for the creme fresh sauce, adding a tangy twist to your canapés.

Assembling the Gravlax Salmon Canapés:

Once the salmon has fully cured and marinated, it’s time to assemble the canapés.

While the video showcases the precise timing, we recommend rinsing off excess beetroot pickle from the salmon before proceeding.

Prepare the canapé garnishes, including thinly sliced cucumber, and the sour cream, cucumber, red onion, and horseradish filling.

For the base of your canapés, you can opt for lighter-flavoured bread or toasted rounds of white bread with a touch of horseradish spread.

The choice is yours, and you can adapt it to suit your preferences or experiment with different options.

In the video, pumpernickel bread is used for its colour and rich taste, following a traditional European method.

Constructing the canapés is an enjoyable process.

Slice the cured salmon into thin pieces and arrange them atop the bread base.

Then, layer the canapés with cucumber slices, a dollop of horseradish cream fresh, and a garnish of fresh dill sprigs.

The result is a visually appealing and delicious treat that will leave your guests craving more.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully created mouthwatering Gravlax Salmon Canapés, combining the rich Nordic tradition of gravlax with a contemporary twist.

These canapés are perfect for special occasions or whenever you desire a unique and flavorful appetizer.

Feel free to share your creations with us by posting an image on Instagram with the @recipeslive and #recipeslive tags. We hope you enjoy this culinary adventure and savour every bite of these delectable canapés.

Check out the detailed recipe video below for a complete visual guide on the curing process, skinning the salmon fillets, and the step-by-step assembly of the canapés.

Additionally, don’t miss our helpful tutorials on knife sharpening and platter decoration.

Video: Gravlax Video On YouTube, or watch in the recipe app below.

How to sharpen a chef’s knife: On YouTube Here!

How to make a canapes platter.

Beetroot Pickled Atlantic Samon Canapes

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Cured Atlantic Salmon Canapes Recipe for 1 to 999 covers. Tested and costed for ease of use.
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Author Chef Brendan
Season Spring, Summer


You must check the labels of the ingredients for common food allergens, such as dairy, eggs, gluten & wheat, sesame, sulphites, lupins, soy & soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish. While we take steps to minimize risk, manufacturers may change their formulations without our knowledge.

Skill Level Chef
Standard Prep Time 40 minutes
cure time 2 days
Standard Total Time 2 days 30 minutes
Cuisine Australian
Food Cost $0.79 per portion price


  • Cutting Board
  • Chef Knife
  • Clip lock container
  • Platter
  • Vitamix Blender
  • Digital Scales


Salmon Cure

  • ½ bunch dill fresh, chopped
  • ½ bunch coriander fresh, chopped
  • 150 g salt rock
  • 150 g sugar A1
  • 10 g caraway seed
  • 120 g salmon atlantic, skinned and boned

Beetroot Pickle

  • 20 g red onion diced, pureed
  • 40 ml water
  • 60 ml gin
  • 20 g sugar A1
  • 20 ml red wine
  • 150 g beetroot pureed
  • 150 g red cabbage pureed

Beetroot Pickle Cream Fresh Sauce

  • 30 ml beetroot pickle
  • 10 g cucumber skin, diced
  • 6 g horseradish
  • 10 g onion red, diced
  • 1 g salt
  • 2 g pepper ground, white
  • 20 g creamed cheese
  • 100 g sour cream

Pumpernickle Bread

  • 50 g pumpernickel sliced in small pieces


  • $7.91 total ingredient cost


  • 30 minutes approximately

total food cost

Total Ingredient Cost $7.91


Catering for 10 potions


Salmon Cure

  • Sharpen a chef's knife.
    Skin and debone the Salmon fillet.
    120 g salmon
  • Make fish cured with salt, sugar, caraway seed, dill and coriander. Mix well together.
    ½ bunch dill, ½ bunch coriander, 150 g salt, 150 g sugar, 10 g caraway
  • Cure the 1st fish fillet in the salt and sugar cure mix, then repeat the filleting and curing.

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