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Welcome to Recipes Live, your ultimate destination for easy-to-follow recipes, in-depth tutorials, and all the tools you need to take your cooking game to the next level! Here, we believe that creating delicious food shouldn’t be complicated.

Live Your Recipe Dreams with Easy-to-Master Recipes:

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your culinary journey, Recipes Live offers a treasure trove of recipes perfect for every occasion. We take pride in creating “Easy Recipes, Live Or Edited” – clear, concise instructions, readily available ingredients, and achievable steps to ensure your culinary success.

Empower Your Food Business with Cost-Effective Recipes:

But Recipes Live isn’t just for home cooks! We’re passionate about supporting food businesses of all sizes. That’s why we offer various costed recipes for restaurants, cafes, and caterers. These recipes come complete with precise ingredient quantities and calculated food costs, helping you streamline your operations, budget effectively, and maximize your profit margins.

“Recipes Live: Unleash Your Recipe Creation Power:

Feeling inspired to create your own unique dishes? Recipes Live is here to help! We offer a wealth of resources to guide you through the recipe creation process, including:

  • In-depth tutorials: Dive deeper into specific techniques, from knife skills to cooking methods, with our detailed video tutorials on our popular YouTube channel, @RecipesLive. Easily access our video playlists directly from our website for seamless learning.
  • Free downloadable resources: Equip yourself with our library of printable promotional products and downloadable media to help you market your recipe creations.

Recipes Live Recipe Calculator App: Effortless Recipe Scaling & Management:

Take the guesswork out of recipe scaling with our revolutionary Recipes Live Recipe Calculator App. This powerful tool instantly calculates:

  • Recipe food cost: Never go over budget again! Our app automatically calculates the cost of your recipe based on current ingredient prices.
  • Ingredients list: Effortlessly adjust ingredient quantities for any size serving, from a single person to catering for a large event (up to 10,000 people!).
  • Nutritional information: Be mindful of dietary needs with instant nutritional breakdowns for each recipe.
  • Preparation time estimates: Get a realistic idea of how much time you’ll need to complete your culinary masterpiece.
  • Allergen listing: Ensure dietary restrictions are catered to with clear allergen identification for each recipe.
  • Cooking times: Achieve perfect results every time with precise cooking time estimates.

Advanced Search Functionality for Easy Navigation:

Searching for the perfect recipe is a breeze with our user-friendly website. Filter results by:

  • Recipe cost: Find recipes that fit your budget.
  • Cuisine: Explore a world of flavours with our extensive collection of international cuisines.
  • Courses: Plan entire meals easily by searching for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and appetizer recipes.

Recipes Live YouTube Channel – Your Free Recipe Library:

Don’t miss out on our treasure trove of free video recipes on our vibrant @RecipesLive YouTube channel. Subscribe now and gain access to our extensive library of playlists categorized by cuisine, course, and skill level.

Let’s Get Cooking!

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Chef Brendan.

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