barramundi fish plated

Barramundi Fillet with Mango and Bok Choy

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Hello, I have made a quick video on how to cook a fish dish with Barramundi fish fillets, an Australian native fish. Scale and portion the Barramundi fillet, and cook skin down for 5 minutes on a hot pan with a drizzle of oil. Place the fish fillet on a tray, skin side up, in a hot oven.

Saute’ some leek, celery, capsicum and carrot julienne strips in the fish pan. Add a glass of dry white wine and reduce it by half. Add half a cup of cream, three mango pieces per serve and some Bok Choy, reboil and cover with a lid. Cook the sauce and vegetables for 3 minutes with a lid on.

Place the Bok Choy in an oatmeal bowl, top with the fish pieces from the oven and add any juice on the tray to the sauce. Reduce the sauce with high heat and top the Barramundi dish. Very yummy.

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