How to make scrambled eggs 25 different ways.

Getting started with scrambled eggs.

Prepare your toasted sourdough.

1st, you want to slice and start cooking the sourdough toast. Sourdough toast browns up fairly slowly.

Organize your ingredients and then slice your sourdough; the whole dish takes only minutes.

Crack and mix the eggs.

Next, crack open the required amount of eggs, whisk in some corn puree, tear up some fresh dill and season the mixture; add some cream for deluxe scrambled eggs. Give your egg mixture a short whisk and then microwave it for the required time.

How long do scrambled eggs take to cook in a microwave oven?

Scrambled eggs with a dash of cream, water, melted butter or milk take about 100 seconds to cook in a good-quality microwave.

For the best results, mix the eggs and other ingredients 1st. Then microwave the egg on high for 30-35 seconds, whisking between each cooking cycle.

This way, you can whisk in the cooking eggs and the steam generated from the heat.

So start cooking your toast 1st, as the scrambled eggs will not take long.

Great garnish ideas for scrambled eggs

I have used fresh dill, chives, Thai basil, and heartsease flowers here.

Cook the scrambled eggs, then plate them and garnish them with fresh herbs,

chopped chives, chopped parsley or chervil. Watercrest and arugula also go well with scrambled eggs

and add fresh flavour and nutrition.

Did you know that scrambled eggs are a healthy breakfast choice?

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs can be a healthy choice as part of a balanced diet. Eggs are a good source of protein and other essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

They can be prepared in various ways, including scrambled, poached, fried, and as an omelette, and then enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, a light lunch, or dinner.

Scrambled eggs taste better with cream.

Scrambled eggs with cream can be a tasty and satisfying option, but it is important to consider the nutritional content if you are trying to maintain a balanced diet. This recipe is probably left for special occasions or for those on a keto diet. The cream will taste better, yum, but will also add to your waistline. If you are fit and active, eating food full of energy is fine, and doing that tradeoff is a fabulous food reward for keeping fit.

Whisk up the scrambled eggs with cream:

  • Two large eggs contain about 140 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fat.
  • One tablespoon of heavy cream contains about 50 calories, 0.4 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fat.

This is a relatively high-fat and high-calorie option, so it is important to consider this if you are trying to watch your intake of these nutrients. Cook using the timer below in short bursts, covered in the microwave oven.

Low-fat scrambled eggs option.

If you want a lower-fat option, use a lower-fat milk or milk substitute, such as skim or almond milk, instead of heavy cream.

This would reduce the dish’s fat and calorie content. To add flavour and nutrition, add vegetables like bell peppers, onions, or tomatoes to your scrambled eggs.

Here are twenty-five popular menu ideas for scrambled eggs:

Classic scrambled eggs.

Classic Scrambled Eggs: Beat eggs in a bowl with a fork or whisk.

Heat a pan over medium heat, add butter, and melt it.

Pour the beaten eggs into the pan and stir with a spatula until they are cooked to your desired consistency. Add some chopped chives.

Scrambled eggs with cheese.

For scrambled eggs with cheese, follow the classic recipe, but be sure to incorporate grated cheese into the eggs before cooking. Feel free to use your favourite cheese, though I recommend Feta Crumbles for a delightful Mediterranean flavour.

Scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese.

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Cheese: Classic scrambled eggs with crispy bacon and shredded cheddar cheese for a hearty breakfast. Cook the bacon, diced, for a few minutes, mix in the eggs and cook them quickly while stirring continuously. Sprinkle over some shredded mozzarella and lightly grill the cheese, slightly browning it. Be careful. It will be very hot.

Scrambled eggs with herbs.

Scrambled Eggs with Herbs: Follow the instructions for classic scrambled eggs, but add fresh herbs, such as chives, parsley, or basil, to the eggs before cooking.

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon: Follow the instructions for classic scrambled eggs, but add diced smoked salmon to the eggs just when they are cooked so as not to overcook the salmon.

Scrambled eggs with vegetables.

Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables: Follow the instructions for classic scrambled eggs, but add diced vegetables, such as bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes, to the pan before adding the eggs.

Sautee the vegetables in a splash of vegetable oil for 5-7 minutes, or blanch in simmering water for 2-3 minutes, then pour in your scrambled egg mixture.

Scrambled eggs with avocado and salsa.

Scrambled Eggs with Avocado and Salsa: Creamy scrambled eggs with diced avocado and fresh salsa for a healthy and flavorful breakfast.

Scrambles eggs with chorizo.

Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo: Spicy scrambled eggs with crumbled chorizo, jalapeños, and diced tomatoes.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and truffle oil.

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Truffle Oil: Simple scrambled eggs with a drizzle of decadent truffle oil, blanched mushrooms and chives.

Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and asparagus.

Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese and Asparagus: Creamy scrambled eggs with crumbled goat cheese and sautéed asparagus (blanched in simmering water for 3-4 minutes) for a spring-inspired meal.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and gruyere.

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Gruyere: Scramble eggs with sautéed mushrooms, grated Gruyere cheese, and a touch of thyme.

Scrambled Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil.

Scrambled Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil: Light and fluffy scrambled eggs with juicy cherry tomatoes and fresh basil for a summery breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with cashew, basil pesto and mozzarella cheese.

Scrambled Eggs with Pesto and Mozzarella: Whisk eggs with pesto and shredded mozzarella cheese for a flavorful and easy breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with sundried tomatoes and crispy prosciutto.

Scrambled Eggs with Sundried Tomatoes and Prosciutto: Scramble eggs with chopped sundried tomatoes and crispy prosciutto (crisp up the prosciutto first) for a sweet, salty breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with curry powder.

Scrambled Eggs with Curry Powder: Whisk eggs with a pinch of curry powder and diced bell peppers for a flavorful and aromatic breakfast. Garnish with Coriander leaves.

Scrambled eggs, Irish style, with black pudding and potato.

Spicy scrambled eggs with crumbled black (cook, cool and crumble) pudding, refried potato dice, and a touch of cayenne pepper.

Scrambled eggs with caramelized onions.

Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onions: Creamy scrambled eggs topped with sweet caramelised onions, chopped parsley and a sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Scrambled eggs with black beans and salsa, Mexican style.

Scrambled Eggs with Black Beans and Salsa: Whisk eggs with black beans, diced tomatoes, and fresh salsa on the side for a healthy and filling breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with kimchi.

Scrambled Eggs with Kimchi: Korean-style scrambled eggs with spicy and tangy kimchi, sesame oil, and green onions mixed through.

Scrambled eggs with sweet potato and sage.

Scrambled Eggs with Sweet Potato and Sage: Whisk eggs with pan-roasted sweet potato dice, chopped crispy sage, and a pinch of nutmeg for a fall-inspired breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with roasted red pepper, fetta cheese and garlic.

Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Red Pepper: Roast the pepper over an open flame until black, then place the roasted pepper into a bowl and cover with glad wrap. Let the pepper steam for a few minutes as it cools. Then remove the shared skin. Try not to wet the roasted capsicum if possible.

Add the garlic to a dash of butter and sautee it for 4 minutes on medium heat, then stir in the other ingredients and scramble them, enjoy. Scramble eggs with chopped roasted red pepper, garlic, and feta cheese for a colourful and tasty meal.

Scrambled eggs with spinach and feta.

Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Feta: Whisk eggs with spinach, crumbled feta cheese, and a pinch of garlic powder for a savoury and protein-packed meal.

Scrambles eggs with crispy bacon.

Remember that scrambled eggs cook very quickly and do not taste great cold, so if you’re having bacon or something else, cook it 1st. Cook the bacon until crisp and place it on clean kitchen paper to absorb excess grease.

Quickly scramble your eggs and finish your toast, butter it and pile all that goodness on your plate.

The bacon fat will impart a delicious smokey flavour threw your scrambled eggs if cooked in bacon fat.

Healthy scrambled eggs with kale, asparagus and onions.

For a healthy twist, try sauteeing some onion slices in avocado oil for a few minutes, add some washed and slice asparagus and kale and lightly fry them. Then when just cooked, fold through some whisked eggs and cook it, serve soft and enjoy—low carb and healthy.

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